Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive

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Complete runs of major trade and consumer magazines, from their inception to 2000. Ideal for scholars studying:

  • The economics of the entertainment industry
  • Production, marketing and reception of films or music albums
  • Factors surrounding the emergence of subcultures such as punk, two-tone or grunge
  • Culture, politics and social change in dynamic eras such as the 1960s

Each magazine can be browsed cover-to-cover in full-page, full-text format. Users are able to search for original reviews, interviews, industry news, listings, charts and features relating to the full range of popular media using advanced search and retrieval functionality.

  • Includes key trade and mass-market consumer magazines – weekly and monthly issues
  • Approximately 2.5 million pages digitized in high resolution color and fully searchable
  • Complete backfiles support analysis of trends in popular culture across the entire 20th century
  • Covers the entire entertainment industry, including film, television, popular music, radio, theatre, and performing arts, with a focus on the US and the UK
  • Cross-searchable with historical databases on the all-new ProQuest platform

Titles include:

  • American Film (1975-1992)
  • Back Stage (1960-2000)
  • Beat, The (1982-2000)
  • Billboard (1894-2000)
  • Broadcast (1960-2000)
  • Broadcasting & Cable (1931-2000)
  • Disc (1958-1975)
  • Film Journal International (1934-2000)
  • Film Weekly (1928-1939)
  • Melody Maker (1926-2000)
  • Mixmag (1983-2000)
  • Musical Express / New Musical Express (1946-2000)
  • Musician (1976-1999)
  • Muzik (1995-2000)
  • Picturegoer (1911-1960)
  • R&R (1973-2000)
  • Rave (1964-1970)
  • Screen International (1975-2000)
  • Stage, The (1880-2000)
  • Variety (1905-2000)
  • Vox (1990-1999)
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