Wiley-Blackwell Compass

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Blackwell Compass
Geography Compass, History Compass, Language & Linguistics Compass, Literature Compass, Philosophy Compass, Religion Compass, Sociology Compass, Social & Personality Psychology Compass
History Compass Blog, Literature Compass Blog, Philosopher's Eye (blog), Exchanges Forum (Religion Compass blog), Sociology Lens (blog), Social Psychology Eye (blog)

Provides accessible, informative articles that provide overviews of current research in eight different academic subject areas: Geography, History, Language & Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Sociology, and Social & Personality Psychology. Each of the eight Compass journals publishes state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed survey articles from across the entire discipline it covers. Six of the Compass titles also feature a related blog covering their discipline.

Note:  To browse survey articles by topical areas and sub-disciplines, see links under "Special Features" (at lower left of each Compass journal's homepage).

Includes all articles from all issues and volumes for all eight Compass journals. 2003 / 2007 - (start date varies by title)
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