Yizkor (Holocaust Memorial) Books

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Yizkor Books Online
New York Public Library's Digital Yizkor Book Viewer
Yizkor (memorial) books are an invaluable source of information to researchers as they are often the only resource for vital statistical, historical, biographical, bibliographical, cultural, sociological, geographic, and other information on the Jewish communities of Europe that were virtually annihilated by the Nazis of Germany and their collaborators from 1939-1945. 'The New York Public Library's Digital Yizkor Book Viewer provides page-turner technology to read or consult crystal-clear digital images of complete Holocaust memorial books, exactly as issued.'
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'650 of the 700 post [World War II] yizkor books at The New York Public Library are accessible online in their entirety...volumes currently available in hard copy only are indicated by an asterisk on the alphabetical list [in Yizkor Books Online database entry page] of communities whose yizkor books are in the [New York Public] Library's collection.'
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