The role of a UX intern

May 21, 2018

by Danielle Colburn

Caitlin Endyke works as a Usability Research intern in the user experience team. UX is part of the Design and Discovery department, which is responsible for managing the Library’s web presence. Endyke is a first year Master of Science in Information (MSI) student specializing in human-computer interaction. She has a background in user experience research, usability testing, and project management.

Over the course of her six months here, the project Endyke has found both most challenging and most rewarding is working on the new search interface for the Library’s holdings. “Search, especially for such a large institution with a large collection, is always a thorny UX challenge, so it's been fun to dig in and help figure out the nitty gritty details of how we create the best experience,” she said.

She was pleased to hear from a fellow student who posted to a Facebook page saying that he noticed and liked the new interface; he did so without knowing that some of his peers had been involved in the project. “It was great to see independent validation like that, and that we were making a noticeable impact.”

Endyke received her undergraduate degree from NYU. She worked at the library during her undergraduate career, which made her familiar with the services and offerings of an academic library, including physical spaces, digital resources, and research assistance.

Because of her previous library experience, Endyke had expectations for how the library would look and how its various services would be structured, which made the change between the two institutions and to a new system more of an adjustment than she had anticipated.

Now that she is settled in, Endyke enjoys the behind-the-scenes look into the work being done to improve the library. “As an intern who has a bit of an inside view, it's been interesting to hear how the staff is navigating trying to make sure the library (both the physical space and its digital offerings) can continue to better serve students and researchers.”

Endyke’s position allows her to blend her personal interests and professional goals. She said, “It's been really fun talking to students, faculty, and library staff about how we can make their library experiences better.”

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Last modified: 05/21/2018