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Library Lending Rights at Risk - Library Copyright Alliance Files Amicus Brief in Supreme Court Case, Costco v. Omega

The first sale doctrine is an aspect of copyright law that permits libraries to lend books and other materials.  There is some alarm that the right is being eroded in the arena of ebooks - as ebooks are subject to licenses that define whether and how the consumer may transfer or share ebooks.  The Library Copyright Alliance (LCA) announced today

Pamela Samuelson – Google Book Settlement as Copyright Reform

Pamela Samuelson, Professor at Berkeley Law School and School of Information, came to the University of Michigan to discuss the Google Book Settlement and its implications for copyright reform. Professor Samuelson said that her talk “explains why certain dysfunctional aspects of U.S. copyright law contributed both to the Google Book Search project and to the settlement of the Authors Guild lawsuit, and why the proposed settlement would achieve some copyright reform, although at a cost that may not be worth paying.” See