Electronic Reserves - Audio

The Music Library can create CTools-accessible streaming audio reserves for School of Music, Theatre & Dance courses. To set up online audio reserves, please take the following steps:

Putting the Assignment Together

  1. Gather the recordings. CDs or AIFF files are preferred, but we can also transfer LP, cassette, DAT, and MiniDisc recordings.
  2. Create a list of musical selections for each assignment. For each piece/album include:
    • Track name(s)
    • Title or section of piece
    • Composer name
    • Date of copyright
    • Record label
    • Performers/group/conductor
  3. Email the list to music.circ@umich.edu (email or word document is fine).
  4. Drop off the CDs/audio files at the Music Library.
  5. Create a CTools website for your course at ctools.umich.edu.

Uploading the Listening Assignment to Your CTools Site

The Reserves Coordinator will convert the audio selections to QuickTime files and make an HTML file for your CTools site. When this HTML file is emailed to you:

  1. Download the file to your hard drive.
  2. Login to your CTools site.
  3. Choose the appropriate course site and select Resources from the column on the left.
  4. To organize your resources into folders, click the Add link under "Actions." For the Item Type, select "Empty folder" and then enter a name and optional description for the folder.
  5. From your Resources list, click the Add link next to the folder where you want to put the file.
  6. Set the Item Type to "File Upload."
  7. Click the Browse button next to "Choose a file" and find the HTML file that you saved to your computer in step 1.
  8. Enter a title for the item.
  9. Set the Copyright Status to "Material is subject to fair use exception." Do NOT check the box next to "Display to non-members (publicly viewable)."
  10. Click the Add button at the bottom of the page, and you're done! The listening selections are now available online for your students.

The turnaround for online reserves is 2-5 days, so please submit requests in advance of when needed.

Direct any questions or concerns to: music.circ@umich.edu

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Last modified: 06/27/2013