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This is a collection of miscellaneous manuscripts that have been added to the Worcester Philippines collection over the years.


  • Murillo Velrde, Pedre, 1696-1753.
    • An account of the islands of Palaos Catolinas and Garabanzos. 29 pages long. 
  • “La Bascoana: Dichos y hechos de Don Joseph Dasco Governador de Philipinas [sic], 1826”
    • 50 bound pages, a copy of an anonymous diatribe against the administration of Govenor Jsoe De Basco y Bargas in the Philippines, 1778-1787.
  • What appears to be a hand written soldier's diary, first date 1901.
    • Photo copy available to view, original is very fragile. 
  • An unlabeled Microfilm real.
  • Philippine Jesuit Relations
    • Hand written 132 page manuscript, in Spanish, presenting a detailed study of the Jesuit missions in the Philippine islands in 1615.
    • Photo copy available to view, original is very fragile. 
  • Philippine Islands 1775-1836
    • 94 pages handwritten, containing descriptions of “topographica de terreno habitado por los infieles desde el Abra a Pangasinan, y desde Ylocos S a Cagayan, 1836.”
  • Philippine Islands
    • A 240 page "anonymous narrative of the depredations committed by the natives from 1564-1774." In spanish. 
  • “Gadnang, Inocencio Informaciones adicionales tribus Silipanes, 1902 July 29 and Aug 14”
    • Hand written with a beautiful sketch which appears to be hand drawn in color pencil, depicting a native in what appears to be battle gear and huts along a river.

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