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A Dialogue about the Impacts of Mass Digitization Projects



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Report from NCLIS.

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University Library staff members have set up a conference blog, taking advantage of the the Library's new mBlog service for the campus. These staff members offered observations throughout the conference, and we invite attendees to share their thoughts and reactions to the proceedings.

Welcome (3/10/06)

Opening Remarks: Mary Sue Coleman (3/10/06)

Panel Session: Libraries (3/10/06)

Keynote: Tim O'Reilly (3/10/06)

Panel Session: Research, Teaching & Learning (3/10/06)

Panel Session: Publishing (3/10/06)

Panel Session: Economics (3/11/06)

Panel Session: Public Policy (3/11/06)

Closing Remarks: Clifford Lynch (3/11/06)


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