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A Dialogue about the Impacts of Mass Digitization Projects



Webcast: Panel Session - Libraries

Friday, March 10, 2006

Josie Parker (moderator), Director, Ann Arbor District Library
Barbara Allen, Director, Committee on Institutional Cooperation
Michael Keller, University Librarian, Stanford University
Karin Wittenborg, University Librarian, University of Virginia

Libraries have long played a pivotal role in connecting users with the ideas and voices of scholars throughout time. Mass digitization projects offer the opportunity to advance the Library's mission as part of a great public university by benefiting both our direct user population and the broader user community. Broad access to full text content promotes not only access, but transforms the process of knowledge creation. At the same time, the library's role as place, as a gathering space for collaborative work, as a center of the campus and a connection for users with the scholarship and learning they are seeking from the university, remains stronger than ever. Panelists will discuss the library's role in this new environment, including topics such as collection development, processing, cataloging, space, and more.

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