Library Human Resources Location Information

Library Human Resources
Shapiro Library
919 South University Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1185
Phone Number

(734) 764-2546

Fax Number

(734) 763-0687


The Shapiro Library building is located on the UM Central Campus. Public parking is available in a parking structure on South Forest Street. From the parking structure, go 1/2 block north to South University. Go left on South University until you reach the corner of South University and East University (East University stops at South University). At a diagonal to your right is an archway which passes through West Hall. On your left will be the entrance to the Shapiro Library building. Metered parking may also be available on State St., Tappan Ave., or East University.


Handicapped-designated parking spaces are located in the driveway area to the west of the Shapiro Library Building. These spaces are available for UM Staff during normal business hours during weekdays, and use of them requires both a handicapped-parking permit and a UM parking permit. These spaces are available to anyone with a handicapped-parking permit after 5pm during the week and on weekends. The door facing West on the Northwest entrance to the Shapiro Library Building is at ground level and opens automatically.

Building Layout

(Floor Plans)

The Library Human Resources office is located on the 3rd floor of the Shapiro Undergraduate Library.