Staff Manual: Vacation Time

[SPG 201.64-0]

Revised 02/06.


Regular staff members receive paid vacation time in accordance with their classification and seniority. Vacation time must be approved by the staff member's supervisor.

Schedule of Vacation

Supervisors should schedule staff vacation time to provide for minimal disruption of unit operations while accommodating employee needs.

Ordinarily, staff members arrange their vacation periods well in advance with their supervisors. If employees ask that vacation time be used to cover sudden ad hoc absences (other than sick time as defined above), supervisors have the option of consenting or of recording the time instead as excused or unexcused absences without pay. Staff members who have exhausted their sick time may choose to use accrued vacation time rather than absence without pay to cover a period of illness. Similarly, staff members may choose to use vacation time if given permission to leave work by their supervisors when weather or working conditions become threatening.

Accumulation, Transferal, and Conversion of Vacation Time

Regular, non-probationary Library employees receive from one to two days of vacation time per month, depending on their classification and length of service. Staff members continue to receive vacation time during absences covered by sick time and vacation time, as well as during time actually worked.

This vacation allotment is available for use during the month in which it is earned, e.g., June vacation days may be used any time during that month with the supervisor's permission. Unused vacation time accumulates, for later use, up to twice the amount of vacation time that the staff member regularly earns per year. Once the staff member reaches the maximum allowed number of vacation days, further vacation time will be lost, rather then added to the total.

Continuing staff members may not convert or "cash in" unused vacation time for monetary compensation. When Library employees transfer to another part of the University, their accumulated vacation total is transferred to their new unit for use there. Only those who are terminating their employment with the University will receive monetary compensation for unused vacation time.

Staff members should consult the Standard Practice Guide (citations above) for detailed accrual information concerning leaves of absence, months of partial employment, partial appointments, etc.

Accrual and Recording of Vacation Time

Regular full-time Library staff members receive vacation time based on their classification and length of continuous service with the University.

  Non-Exempt Employees Exempt Employees
Accrual Varies with length of continuous University employment. * Two days per month, to maximum cumulation of 48 days.
Recording Use of vacation time is recorded in decimal form to the nearest tenth of an hour on timesheets or attendance reports. Use of vacation time is recorded to the nearest half day. Each half day stands alone; short absences (e.g., one hour) are omitted, not consolidated for later recording.
* Accrual for Non-Exempt Employees

Length of
First 5 years
(0–60 months)
5–8 years
(61–96 months)
Over 8 years
(97 months on)
1 day/month
1 1/2 days/month
2 days/month
24 days
36 days
48 days

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