Staff Manual: Transfer


[SPG 201.61]

revised 2/06 


Transfer policy covers Library staff members who accept other positions either within the Library system or elsewhere in the University. Transfers may be promotional (to a position with a higher classification), lateral (to a position of the same classification), or demotional (to a position with a lower classification). 


A staff member who accepts another University position through transfer must notify his/her current supervisor immediately and provide the name and telephone number of the supervisor of the new position. The two supervisors decide between themselves the length of the notice period (usually two weeks, and up to a maximum of four weeks) that the staff member will continue to work in the present unit before assuming the new position. During this period, the employee submits a
Notification of Resignation/Transfer Form to his/her supervisor if the employee is leaving the Library system. Transfer paperwork is handled internally if the employee has accepted another position within the Library. The employee also submits the final time document for hours worked in the unit up to the time of transfer, including a note on the face of the time document indicating the date of termination in that unit through transfer. If the date of transfer precedes the end of the pay period, the employee must complete reporting for that pay period on a time document provided by the new unit. This second time document should also include an explanatory note regarding the transfer.

On the final day in the present position, the employee must turn in to their supervisor any Library keys that are not required in the new position. Staff Lounge keys are to be turned in to Library Human Resources by the last day of employment if not required in new position.

A transferring employee is not subject to a probationary period in the new unit. Credit for unused vacation time and sick time transfers to the new unit with the employee.

NOTE: Staff members who have served in their current positions for fewer than six months may be considered for University positions in other units only with the written consent of their current supervisors.

Salary Adjustments

* Promotional transfer: increase
* Lateral transfer: no change
* Demotional transfer: decrease

Specific adjustments may be affected by an employee's status within the previous position's salary range, as well as by the salary range of the new position. New salaries are most often determined through the equity review process. Individual circumstances will be considered when a salary adjustment is determined for an employee who receives a demotional transfer.

When weighing a transfer to another position, an employee may wish to determine the probable effect of such a choice on his/her salary by consulting the prospective supervisor and the University Staff Human Resources Office. 


Employee: Accepts offer of a new position in another unit of the Library or of the University. Notifies current supervisor of acceptance of the new position.

Supervisor: Arranges termination date with the new supervisor and notifies employee of the decision.

Employee: Completes, signs, and submits to the current supervisor a Notification of Resignation/Transfer Form.

NOTE: If the staff member has accepted another position within the Library system, it is not necessary to complete the Notification of Resignation/Transfer Form.

Completes final time document for hours worked in the unit and submits it to the current supervisor.

Submits any Library keys not required in new position to supervisor, and Staff Lounge key (if no longer needed) to Library Human Resources by last day of employment.

Supervisor: Completes and signs "Supervisor's Comment" section of the Notification of Resignation/Transfer Form and attached evaluative comments, if appropriate. As stated above, this form need not be completed if the staff member has accepted a new position within the Library system.

NOTE: If evaluative comments are attached, the supervisor and employee must review and discuss them. Both persons must sign this evaluative statement.

Submits Notification of Resignation/Transfer Form (if applicable) to Library Human Resources as soon as it is completed.

Signs final time document and submits it to University Payroll.

Determines through Library Human Resources that Staff Lounge key has been turned in (if no longer needed in new position).

Library Human Resources: Processes information for internal records.

Forwards material to the appropriate University offices.

Employee: Assumes duties in the new unit on specified date.

Records time worked in the new unit on the time document provided by the new supervisor, attaching an explanatory note regarding the transfer if duties in the new unit have begun at any time other than the first day of a payroll period.

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