Staff Manual: Term Appointments

Revised 2/29/2012


Most regular staff appointments in the University Library are made on a continuing basis. However, in some cases, appointments are made for a specified period of time and are called term or term-limited appointments.  The decision to appoint individuals on a term basis is often due to the funding nature of the position, or the limited duration of a project.

In all cases, the term limit of the appointment and its end date will be noted in all advertisements, posting descriptions and correspondence relating to the position. The term appointment is expected to continue for the specified period of time, assuming satisfactory conduct and performance is maintained, and funding continues as initially expected.

Term appointments may be extended, or may be ended prior to the established end date.  When extending appointments, the length of the extension will be clearly specified. 

While employed by the University Library, individuals on term appointments will be subject to the personnel policies that apply to their classification, including those for staff benefits, probationary period, performance evaluation, and opportunities for staff development.  Time worked in a term appointment counts as any other time worked as a regular employee in determining date of hire and time in rank.

The University’s Reduction in Force policy also applies during a term appointment. Situations such as lack of funds, lack of work, or reorganization may require a reduction in the work force that may include staff members on term appointments. However, at the conclusion of a term-limited appointment, the individual will not be eligible for Reduction in Force (RIF) status.

                University’s Reduction in Force policy at
                Library’s Reduction in Force policy at   

Individuals who wish to continue working in the Library are strongly encouraged to apply for open positions.

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Last modified: 02/29/2012