Staff Manual: Temporary Reduction in Appointment

Revised 01/06.


This information applies to staff members who request a temporary change, of three months’ duration or less, from a full to a fractional appointment to accommodate a personal need. It does not apply to requests for permission to use vacation time or excused absence without pay.


Requests for a temporary reduction in appointment are granted only when the supervisor and the appropriate Associate University Librarian (AUL) agree that the impact on unit operations would not be detrimental.

On agreeing to an employee’s written request, the supervisor submits a memo to the Associate University Librarian specifying the details of the proposed reduction, reasons for the request, impact on the unit’s operations, and duration of the temporary period. If administrative approval is granted, the memo and a completed University Library Personnel Transaction Form are forwarded Library Human Resources for implementation.

Employees whose appointments are reduced receive a corresponding fractional reduction in salary and benefits. Staff members are urged to carefully investigate these effects, especially the latter, before requesting temporary reductions. Library Human Resources and the University Staff Benefits Office can provide specific information.

No later than 10 days before the staff member is scheduled to resume his/her full appointment, the supervisor submits a memo to that effect to Library Human Resources, unless the information was already provided when the reduction in appointment was initiated.

Ordinarily, temporary reductions are granted for a period not exceeding three months. Toward the end of that time, however, employees may submit a request for extension, which will again be considered on its merit by the supervisor and Associate University Librarian.



  • Requests permission, by memo, from supervisor for reduced appointment.


  • Evaluates impact on the unit and makes the appropriate recommendation.
    • Approves the request and prepares a memo stating the reason for the request, degree of proposed reduction of appointment, duration of period of reduced service, and expected impact on unit. This memo and a University Library Personnel Transaction Form are submitted to the appropriate Associate University Librarian; or
    • Rejects the request in a memo to the employee, explaining the basis for the denial, especially the detrimental effect that a reduction in appointment would have on the unit’s operations.

Associate University Librarian (if supervisor has approved)

  • Evaluates the impact on the unit and makes the appropriate recommendation.
    • Approves the request, noting approval on the University Library Personnel Transaction Form, and forwards it to Library Human Resources, and notifies supervisor; or
    • Rejects the request, returning it to the supervisor for return to the employee.

Library Human Resources Office (if AUL has approved)

  • Processes reduction in employee’s appointment and provides a copy of employee’s request to the appropriate University offices.


  • Begins reduced schedule on approved date.
  • Discusses with the supervisor the scheduled return to full appointment at least two weeks before the end of the period of reduced service.
  • Submits a new request to the supervisor if an extension of the reduced schedule is desired (returning to the first step of the process).


  • Submits memo on approaching resumption of full appointment to Library Human Resources at least 10 days before end of reduced schedule.

Library Human Resources

  • Notes return to full appointment in internal records.
  • Submits forms to appropriate University offices for reinstatement of regular salary and benefits.
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