Staff Manual: Temporary Reclassification of Library Staff Positions to Accommodate Special Circumstance

Revised 01/06.


Occasionally it may be necessary to reclassify a position temporarily, e.g., when appointing a staff member as an acting supervisor until the position can be permanently filled.

Before assigning a staff member to cover duties at a higher level for any appreciable length of time, supervisors should first consult with the Library Human Resources Office to determine what options and obligations might be involved.

Temporary reclassifications ordinarily cover periods ranging from three to six months. However, the higher the classification level of the vacant position, the longer it is likely to be before the covering staff member masters its rate-setting duties. Temporary reclassification should be sought only for that period of time when the staff member will actually be performing the distinctive duties.

When temporary reclassification is indicated, Library supervisors must first obtain approval from the appropriate Associate University Librarian and then follow the same process for conventional reclassification of existing positions.

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