Staff Manual: Resignation

[SPG 201.40]

Revised 12/05.


This information applies to Library staff members who terminate their employment at the University on their own initiative. Those who leave one position for another within the Library system or within the University are covered under Transfers. Those who leave the University through the Reduction in Force Program or at the University’s option within usual discharge procedures are covered under Reduction in Force (RIF), and under Discharge, and applicable information on Probationary Period for Librarians and Probationary Period for Staff.


Library employees are expected to give adequate notice of their intention to resign. Preliminary notice should be given orally to the supervisor as early as possible, thus allowing for more efficient transition and replacement. Note, however, that the resignation process does not begin officially until an employee submits a Notification of Resignation/Transfer Form to his/her supervisor. At the very least, resigning employees should provide official notice at least two weeks in advance. The higher the classification of a position, the greater the difficulty of recruiting and training a suitable replacement; therefore, employees in high level staff and Primary Librarian categories are expected to provide further advance notice commensurate with their responsibilities whenever possible.

Occasionally, resigning employees are unable to return to the workplace to resign in person. In such cases, supervisors should consult Library Human Resources for guidance. Supervisors should also bear in mind that unusual circumstances sometimes make abrupt resignations unavoidable. Employees must turn in to Library Human Resources their University identification card and any Staff Lounge keys in their possession by their last day of employment. Any Library keys must be turned into their supervisor by their last day of employment. They must also submit their final time document, with a note attached indicating their effective date of resignation.

The termination date for resigning employees is the last day that a staff member works. Regardless of any University holiday that may immediately follow, employees receive compensation only through this termination date.

Compensation for accrued vacation time may require the issuance of a separate check.

Resigning employees are urged to contact the University Staff Benefits Office to investigate the possibility of continuing certain parts of the University benefit package.



  • Notifies supervisor of intended resignation. Completes, signs, and submits to the supervisor a Notification of Resignation/Transfer Form.
  • Submits final time document to supervisor.
  • Submits any Library keys to supervisor by last day of employment.
  • Turns in University identification card and Staff Lounge key (if applicable) to Library Human Resources by last day of employment.
  • Investigates continuation of some benefits with the University Staff Benefits Office.


  • Completes and signs “Supervisor’s Comment” section of the Notification of Resignation/Transfer Form.
  • Attaches evaluative comments, if appropriate. Note: If evaluative comments are attached, the supervisor and employee must review and discuss them. Both persons must sign this evaluative statement.
  • Submits Notification of Resignation/ Transfer Form to Library Human Resources as soon as it is completed.
  • Submits final time document to University Payroll Office.
  • Determines through Library Human Resources that Staff Lounge key and University identification card have been turned in.
  • Initiates recruitment procedures if position is to be staffed again.
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