Staff Manual: Relocation Expenses

Revised 12/05.


The University may pay moving and related expenses for staff members, up to a maximum of one-twelfth their annual salaries. Previous approval must be secured from the Library Administration before the commitment to pay these expenses can be made.

Reimbursable expenses include:

  • Costs incurred while looking for new housing in the area;
  • Packing, shipping, and storage charges; and
  • Travel costs en route to the new housing.

Ordinarily, after approval is secured, new staff members pay these costs themselves and present the bills to the Library Finance Office for subsequent reimbursement.


New Employee

Pays expenses and submits original bills and receipts to Library Finance Office.

Library Finance Office

Sends two copies of Form G, Request for Payment of Special Stipend Form (approved by the University Librarian or his/her authorized representative), and the original bills and receipts to the University Staff Records Office.

University Staff Records

Reviews paperwork, approves and forwards to University Payroll. Staff member will be paid according to the regular paydate. No special checks will be cut.

Advance Reimbursement


In cases of special need, a new staff member may request, through a formal memo, advance payment for moving expenses. In such cases, after the employee signs a promissory note and includes a moving company's estimate, the University will issue a check for the appropriate amount (usually not in excess of what can be substantiated by a moving company's written estimate) to cover expenses. After arrival, the staff member submits bills and receipts to the Library Finance Office for accounting.

If moving costs match or exceed the amount of the advance payment, the staff member is released from the promissory note immediately; if the costs are less than the advance payment, the difference will be deducted from the staff member's initial paycheck before the promissory note is cancelled.


New Employee

Explains special need, requests advance reimbursement in writing to Library Human Resources, and submits the moving company's estimate one month in advance.

Library Human Resources

Reviews the request and forwards it to the Library Finance Office for processing.

Library Finance Office

Prepares Moving Advance (Request for Advance of Moving Expenses).

University Staff Human Resources Office

Prepares and mails promissory note.

New Employee

Signs the promissory note and returns it to the University Payroll Office.

University Payroll Office

Mails moving advance check to the new employee.

New Employee

Submits all documentation to the Library Finance Office upon completion of relocation. (See standard reimbursement process, above.)

Library Finance Office

Prepares the appropriate documents and submits them to the University Staff Records Office.

University Staff Records Office
  • Records information in internal files.
  • Forwards material to the University Payroll Office.
University Payroll Office
  • Compares advance payment with actual expenses.
  • Deducts difference from first paycheck if payment exceeded expenses.
  • Sends cancelled promissory note and IRS Form 4782, Employee Moving Expense Information Form, to staff member. (See sample in section appendix.)
  • Annotates year-end W2 form to reflect moving expense reimbursement.

Note: The University makes no deductions for income tax, Social Security, etc., from reimbursement checks for moving expenses. Tax liability for such reimbursement depends on current IRS regulations.

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