Staff Manual: Reclassification of Existing Library Staff Positions

Revised 2/06.


Either an incumbent staff member or the appropriate supervisor may request that an existing position be reviewed for a possible reclassification to a new market title. Supervisors should take care either to keep duties at an appropriate level for the existing position or to request a reclassification review as soon as possible after the duties begin to change significantly in order to ensure equitable compensation. Any substantial change in duties may warrant a review, but if more than 50% of the duties of an existing position have been changed, the position must be reviewed.

In all cases, strong evidence of change in the complexity of duties must be presented. Documentation of why the changes occurred and tracking of who is now performing the old duties as well as who used to perform the newly assigned duties are necessary. Supervisors may wish to consult the University's Career Family Navigator and/or consult with Library Human Resources.


Incumbent and Supervisors

  • Obtains University of Michigan Position Description Form and the Library Personnel Transaction Form from Library Human Resources.
  • Completes forms.
  • Attaches additional documentation identifying reasons for requesting reclassification review.
  • Forwards copy of the request to Library Human Resources Office for tracking purposes and to determine an effective date of reclassification if approved.
  • Obtains approval from appropriate Associate University Librarian, using the Library Personnel Transaction Form. Forwards final copies with appropriate approvals to Library Human Resources Office.

Library Human Resources Office

  • Reviews information provided and conducts job comparisons for internal equity in Library descriptions.
  • Analyzes unit staffing, background information, classification levels, etc.
  • Schedules job audit with supervisor and incumbent, if necessary.


  • Meets with Library Human Resources Representative for job audit, if scheduled.
  • Presents well-prepared and documented information on change in duties.


  • Meets with Library Human Resources representative for job audit, if scheduled.
  • Explains change in duties and responsibilities.

Library Human Resources Office

  • Determines appropriate market title, after a complete review of materials, and submits completed form with supporting documentation to University Staff Human Resources Office.

University Staff Human Resources Office

  • Reviews for processing.

Note: If the request for reclassification has been denied and the incumbent wishes additional review, a request for reclassification can be resubmitted to the University Staff Human Resources Office even though it may not be supported by the supervisor and Library Human Resources Office.

Time Frame

Reclassification reviews may take six weeks or longer following submission of request to Library Human Resources Office.

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