Staff Manual: Probationary Period for Librarians

Revised 4/97.


Newly hired librarians are given probationary status. This ensures that the librarians meet the requirements and expectations of their positions. The probationary period lasts for two years from the date of appointment. Discharge may occur at any time during the two years, with no less than three months’ notice being given.



  • Prepares a training program based on the new librarian’s job description.
  • Trains the librarian for two months.

Supervisor and Librarian

  • Meet to discuss the librarian’s progress to date at the end of the initial training period.
  • Prepare performance goals to be applied to the remainder of the performance appraisal year. These goals should be written with close direction from the supervisor and be based on training and performance expectations for the first year. The level of the position and the librarian’s previous experience should be taken into account in setting these goals.
  • During the remainder of the first year the supervisor frequently reviews the librarian’s progress toward meeting performance goals. Failure to meet expected levels of performance should be discussed and documented, as necessary.
  • During the second year the supervisor continues to support and train the librarian, with professional growth and development being considered along with basic orientation to the position. Formal documentation beyond normal reviews is not required in the second year unless the librarian is not meeting the requirements of the position and/or the performance goals.

Library Human Resources

  • Sends the Final Probationary Report Form for continuance or termination to the supervisor at the end of 18 months.


  • Recommends continuance or termination. A formal evaluation of the librarian’s progress, based on the training plan and mutually established performance goals, must accompany the recommendation. If termination is recommended, the supervisor must describe the problems that have occurred and explain the ways these problems were addressed by both parties.
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