Staff Manual: Overtime Compensation

[SPG 201.38]

Revised 12/05.


Library employees are compensated for overtime work in accordance with the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and University policy. [SPG 201.38]

Overtime, when assigned, is a requirement of every position.

Non-exempt staff members will be paid overtime compensation at time-and-a-half, including a shift premium if applicable, for time worked in excess of 40 hours per calendar week. A calendar week runs from one Saturday/Sunday midnight to the next.

Use and Management

Because of cost and the strain imposed on affected employees, overtime should be avoided whenever possible. Supervisors have these responsibilities:

  • To manage operations carefully within the regular work period;
  • To monitor employee hours to avoid de facto overtime;

Overtime should be accrued for very few reasons:

  • An emergency in staffing for essential services when there is no better alternative; in these cases, there needs to be a preexisting understanding with the appropriate AUL regarding the use of emergency overtime.
  • Special projects that have deadlines which cannot be met through regular staffing levels or because of unavailability of equipment. In these cases, there must be official permission from the appropriate AUL.

Priorities in scheduling official overtime are as follows:

  • Library efficiency and economy;
  • Equal distribution among employees;
  • Minimal inconvenience to employees.


Overtime that is accrued regularly within assigned staff schedules should be estimated by the unit head each year during the planning process. Estimates will be used in setting the annual budget, which will be centrally managed. Reports will be provided for managers to maintain this activity.

Overtime that is paid for other than usual reasons will be subtracted from the unit's hourly budget unless it has been approved in advance.



  • Determines expected overtime costs annually.
  • Determines if overtime is needed for unexpected situations.
  • Consults Library Human Resources if unsure of affected employee's FLSA status.
  • Requests approval from appropriate Senior Manager.

Senior Manager

  • Authorizes overtime received in annual budget request.
  • Informs supervisor of decision about unexpected overtime requests.


  • Notifies affected employees of required overtime as far in advance as possible.


  • Records overtime hours as specified on time report.


  • Reviews overtime reporting using proper codes on the time report.
  • Forwards signed time documents to the University Payroll Office.

University Payroll Office

  • Calculates amount to be included in next regularly scheduled paycheck.

When in doubt, supervisors or staff members are urged to contact Library Human Resources.

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