Staff Manual: Non-Salaried Appointments

Revised 12/05.


University staff members who hold the title of Librarians (Assistant, Associate, Sr. Associate, Librarian) but are appointed outside the University Library can be granted a non-salaried (dry) appointment with the University Library. Such appointments can only be made with the approval of the University Librarian, University Library.

It is expected that the primary criteria for granting a non-salaried appointment with the University Library will be:

  1. a program relationship with the Library and the librarian’s primary appointment (e.g., a jointly sponsored program or some other direct tie with the University Library) and
  2. evidence that it is mutually beneficial for both the Library and the librarian to maintain an ongoing relationship.

The non-salaried appointment will be granted at the same rank the librarian currently holds with the University. With this appointment, the librarian is recognized as a member of the University Library staff and will be able to participate fully in all Library activities including the Librarian’s Forum. However, in regards to personnel policies (i.e., promotion and evaluation) it is assumed that the librarian will be governed by the policies of his/her primary organization.

While it is expected that financial support (e.g., for professional travel, staff development) will be provided by the organization with which the librarian has a primary affiliation, the librarian can participate in continuing education and staff development opportunities that are organized by the library (e.g., in-house staff development workshops and seminars). In addition, the librarian is eligible to serve on relevant library committees and participate generally in other Library activities.

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