Staff Manual: Emeritus Librarian

[Emeritus/Emerta Titles, SPG 201.80]

Revised 12/05.


Regular librarians, curators, and archivists (within all ranks) may, upon retirement, be granted an emeritus or emerita title by the Board of Regents. Such titles are granted on recommendation by the University Librarian, University Library.

In addition to the normal benefits available to all Emeritus Faculty (see SPG 201.80), librarians will also be granted internet access through Desktop Support Services and office space to work on library-specific projects. Office space needs to be requested in advance and is based upon space availability.


Retiring Librarian

  1. Notifies Library Human Resources of intent to retire.

Library Human Resources

  1. Advises retiring librarian of process and timelines and sends him/her a copy of Notification of Resignation/Transfer/Retirement form.
  2. Sends supervisor of retiring librarian a copy of the Standard Practice Guide policy statement (201.80) and a copy of a sample retirement memoir. Advises supervisor of timelines by which the retiring staff member’s retirement memoir is to be completed. (60-90 days prior to retirement date).


  1. Completes retirement memoir and send copies to Library Human Resources and to the appropriate Associate University Librarian or University Librarian for review and approval.

Associate University Librarian/University Librarian

  1. Composes cover memo (recommending emeritus status for retiring librarian) to Secretary of University (who subsequently refers it to the Regents for final approval) and forwards copy of memo to Library Human Resources.

Library Human Resources

  1. Upon receipt of completed termination/resignation form, processes appropriate paperwork.
  2. Notifies Desktop Support Services of emeritus status of retired staff member, thereby ensuring internet access is maintained.
  3. Tracks receipt of the official letter from the Office of the Secretary of the University for each librarian receiving emeritus status.

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