Staff Manual: Discharge

[Definitions, SPG 201.10] [Discipline, SPG 201.12]

Revised 04/97.


Discharge is the dismissal or firing of a staff member for misconduct, inadequate performance, or other sufficient grounds consistent with University practices.


Discharge is used when:

  • Attempts to correct an employee’s misconduct have failed; or
  • The misconduct is so serious that the employment relationship should not be continued. (See Discipline, and SPG 201.12.)

Inadequate Performance

Discharge is used when attempts to help the employee master the duties of his/her job have failed. (See Inadequate Performance & Personal Problems sections, in the Counseling policy.)

Discharge is a measure of last resort. New employees may be discharged during the probationary period only with the concurrence of the Library Human Resources Office. Before non-probationary employees can be discharged, their supervisors must make reasonable efforts to correct problems, consult the Library Human Resources Office, work with the Library representative from the University Staff Human Resources office, provide detailed documentation, and meet procedural requirements.

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