Staff Manual: Course Enrollment outside the Tuition Refund Program

Revised 06/96.


This information applies to employees who attend classes that:

  • Meet during scheduled work hours, and
  • Are not covered by the Tuition Refund Program, or
  • Meet for more than the three hours per week of paid time off that the program provides for job-related classes.


Employees may attend classes not covered by the Tuition Refund Program, or in excess of the three hours of class time that it provides, during scheduled work time only after submitting an alternative work schedule request and receiving permission from their supervisors. Employees must submit a Request for Change in Work Schedule Form to receive the advance permission from their unit supervisors.

A request is considered in terms of the potential impact of the change on unit operations and on the employee’s ability to perform the requirements of his/her job. Once approved, a schedule change continues throughout the academic term.

At the supervisor’s option, an employee compensates for time missed from work either by extending a work shift, charging hours to accrued vacation time, or taking excused absence without pay. When an employee extends a work shift to cover class-time absences, overtime compensation is not permitted. (See Overtime SPG 201.38, 201.38-1)

Temporary reduction in appointment should be considered for class-time absences that exceed four hours per week.



  • Prepares Request for Change in Work Schedule Form and submits it to the supervisor.


  • Determines impact of the proposed schedule on the unit.
  • Returns rejected requests to employee with a written explanation.
  • Checks proposed schedule for possible overtime liability (returning form to employee for revision if schedule would incur overtime).
  • Forwards approved request to unit head.
  • Unit Head

    • Determines impact of request on departmental operations.
    • Completes and signs request (or returns rejected request to supervisor for return to employee).
    • Forwards approved request to Library Human Resources.

    Library Human Resources

    • Enters information into internal records.
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