Staff Manual: Consulting by Professional Staff

Revised 12/05.


Professional members of the Library staff may be employed as consultants by agencies other than the University for an average of two days per month. In such cases, either or both of the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • That the work in question give promise of enhancing the staff member’s role as a librarian to a greater degree than would a corresponding amount of work within the University;
  • That the work be of a distinctly public nature, or that, for any other reason, the University or Library administration choose to be active participants in the project’s furtherance through releasing an employee to perform consultation services.

The approval of the University Librarian must be obtained in advance for every outside consultation.



Discusses the consulting project with the supervisor. Prepares a written request for release time, including a description of the outside project, if the supervisor has given preliminary support.


Considers the benefit of the outside service to the employee, the Library, and the University, as well as the impact of the employee’s absence on the unit.

Forwards the staff member’s written request to the University Librarian, indicating the supervisor’s approval.

University Librarian

Approves or rejects the request in a written response to the employee. A copy of the University Librarian’s response is sent to the supervisor, and another copy is placed into the employee’s personnel file.

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