Staff Manual: Change of Name, Address, or Telephone Number

Revised 11/05.


Staff members should report changes in name, social security number, degrees received, home address, and telephone number, etc. to their supervisors and Library Human Resources promptly. Address/Personal Data Forms may be obtained from Library Human Resources or downloaded from the web at . Completed forms should be returned to Library Human Resources, which will forward the information to the appropriate University records offices. Such changes should be reported so that employees may receive University mailings (regarding income tax, parking stickers, recreational facilities, etc.).

This information is not disclosed to outsiders, and employees may direct that it not be printed in the staff directory.



Obtains an Address/Personal Data Form.

Changes name, social security number, degrees received information, work or home address, and/or telephone number on Address/Personal Data form and submits information to supervisor.


Changes unit records.

Forwards form to Library Human Resources.

Library Human Resources Office

Changes internal records.

Forwards information to appropriate University offices.

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