Staff Manual: Annual Merit Review

Annual Performance Evaluation & Merit Review

Revised 5/2014


The performance evaluation and merit review process for all staff is conducted annually for the purpose of assessing performance, planning for the future, and determining salaries and salary increases. This process is intended to identify staff members who have made contributions to their units and the Library and to reward them differentially according to the level and quality of their achievements and contributions. This policy is not only a Library policy but is also a University of Michigan policy.

The percentage of merit increases varies from year to year, depending on available salary resources. It is the intent to have a standard reward distinction between performance levels.

To provide guidance to the merit review process, performance criteria have been identified for librarians and staff, with sample factors described for each criterion. These criteria are used to evaluate job performance and goal attainment.

All staff members are included in the performance evaluation and merit review process for performance from June through May of each year except for employees who were hired and began work at the University on or after April 1 of the year under consideration.


  1. Staff member prepares a self-evaluation using the Performance Evaluation Form and sends to supervisor.
  2. Supervisor reviews the self-evaluation and prepares the supervisor assessment and overall merit recommendation.  Supervisor may share individual evaluations or a summary of the evaluations in the department with Senior Manager/AUL for review and approval.
  3. Staff member and supervisor hold evaluation meeting to discuss successes, areas to improve, and overall performance during the review period. 
  4. Final Performance Evaluation Form is sent to Library Human Resources prior to the annual deadline.

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