Staff Manual

Please note that Library Human Resources is evaluating and reviewing this staff manual. If you have any questions, please email us at or call 734-764-2546.

The Library Human Resources Office is pleased to make this Library Personnel Manual available, which contains information on employment, benefits, recruitment, counseling, and much more.  We are currently reviewing and updating sections of this manual that are either library-specific (e.g., Promotion System for Librarians) or have importance because they contain information reflecting our organizational policies and practices (e.g., Staff Development, Recruitment). Within these sections, and when appropriate, additional links have been added to other on-line University resources.

Additional policies are provided in both the University's Standard Practice Guide (SPG) and the University Library's policy page.

Sections of the Library manual pertaining to policies that are not unique to the Library (e.g., Sick and Vacation Time) are now linked directly to the SPG and are noted with an asterisk. Sections linked directly to the Payroll Department website are noted with two asterisks (**).

We encourage all staff to take a look! We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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Last modified: 10/13/2015