Classification System for New Library Staff Positions

Revised 02/06.


The University of Michigan’s Classification system for staff changed in 2005. For a full description of the University’s career family framework as well as information on the Library’s implementation of the new system, please refer to: Library Classification.


It is important to distinguish between the following terms: market title description, position description, and job description.

Market title descriptions
Job titles and brief job description summaries that relate to classification in the external job market (e.g., Information Resources Assistant Associate). They encompass the broad types of duties performed by all staff members within that market title.
Position descriptions
Detailed statements of the duties involved in new or changed positions, submitted by the Library on the University’s Position Description Form. These are designed to aid the University Recruiting & Employment Services Office in matching the position with the appropriate market title, e.g., Information Resources Assistant Associate.
Job descriptions
Statements of the duties involved in specific positions, designed for use in job postings and for the guidance of new staff members (e.g., UGL Circulation Supervisor).

Once the University and Library Human Resources Office have matched a position description with a market title, then the classification level will continue to apply to the position until a change is requested. As the duties of a position change over the course of time, Library supervisors should take care that the job description still matches both the original position and market title descriptions and request a review when it does not.


Library involvement with the University classification process arises in three contexts:

  • The creation of a new position within a department;
  • The request for reclassification of an existing position to reflect a significant change in duties;
  • The temporary reclassification of a position to accommodate special circumstances. *

In each case the Library supervisor will complete the University’s Position Description Form. Library supervisors may use similar job descriptions, available through Library Human Resources Office, or visit the Career Family Navigator for guidelines in preparing Position Descriptions.

* For information regarding reclassification, please refer to Reclassification of Existing Library Staff Positions.

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