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Instructor College

About the Instructor College

Instructor College is a specially focused staff development initiative of the University Library. Its goal is to strengthen the instructional skills of Library staff. By giving excellent instruction, the Library seeks to help users realize the full value of the resources it provides.

Cultivating Creativity

Effective teaching requires instructors who are intellectually vigorous and who value learning. Committed to helping others, they appreciate fresh ideas and strive to improve their teaching. Because originality is a key ingredient to the Library's instructional efforts, promoting creativity is a central focus of Instructor College programming.

A Learning Community

Instructor College is devoted to promoting learning. The College seeks to help you develop your instructional skills so that you can better help library users discover the rich trove of resources available. Instructor College invites you to become a member and to participate in this unique initiative - all Library staff involved in instruction and School of Information students are welcome.  This includes staff with substantial experience as well as staff who are just exploring aspects of user instruction. Join your colleagues, share your expertise, and develop your own instructional skills to their fullest.

Instructor College Evaluated

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