Project Plan

The New Grant (2014-2016)

Objective 1: Continue to determine the rights status of works in HathiTrust published in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom; conduct pilot study for works in Spanish published in Spain.

  • In January 2014, there were approximately 115,000 volumes in HathiTrust that were published in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom between 1874 and 1944 and still in need of copyright determination.
  • Spanish is an obvious choice for a pilot project in a non-English language. There were 275,000 volumes in HathiTrust in Spanish, and the possibility of collaboration with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, a fellow HathiTrust member.
  • A CRMS review process adapted for Spanish works published in Spain should serve as a model for future projects devoted to other works in non-English languages.  
  • The terminology associated with copyright metadata is consistent and predictable across languages. Reviewers having basic familiarity with a given language can be provided with training and resources that will allow them to conduct copyright research in that language.

Objective 2: Create a “CRMS Toolkit,” a resource that will allow other institutions to model, replicate, and/or contribute to the CRMS project.  

  • The Toolkit will benefit from the project’s already extensive documentation. It will include:
    • an explanation of the CRMS research method and how it shaped the interface and support systems for copyright determination;
    • the essential specifications for a rights determination project, including personnel, legal expertise, relevant metadata, and technical systems;
    • research methods, training materials, and lessons learned as the project evolved;
    • features not currently part of CRMS but which could be useful to other rights determination projects
  • The Toolkit will be made publicly available in e-book, online, and print formats.

Objective 3: Design and implement a Business Plan for the preservation of copyright determination work

  • The business plan will outline a practical strategy to ensure that CRMS will have the multi-institutional support and the diversity of funding required for it to continue as an ongoing resource provided by the HathiTrust membership.
  • The final document is expected to address the HathiTrust membership’s long-term commitment to CRMS and the copyright review services it provides for its members.

CRMS-World (2011-2014)

During the second grant period CRMS had two objectives:

  • Copyright determination of books published in the US between 1923 and 1963. This continued the work begun during the first project grant period (now known as “CRMS-US”).
  • Development and deployment of a copyright determination process for books published in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom between 1874 and 1944. The project team also explored copyright determination for works in Spanish published in Spain.

Phase 1 (December 2011 - May 2012)

  • CRMS-World:  Developed and validated a new review process to determine the rights status of works published in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. This included a legal analysis of applicable copyright laws in each country, and their implications for the copyright status of these works in the United States. The project team created an interface, workflows, decision trees, and reference resources suitable for the countries in question. The first group of CRMS-World reviewers were trained during a meeting hosted in Ann Arbor, Michigan on May 2-4, 2012.  
  • CRMS-US:  Copyright determinations of US works proceeded as under the previous grant. Thanks to the ongoing participation of the original three partner institutions, the CRMS-US team were able to continue following their tested and reliable research process.

Phase 2 (June 2012 - May 2013)

  • CRMS-World: Testing and refinement of the World interface and online training tools and materials. Reviewers’ productivity increased over the course of the summer and fall as they became familiar with the research process and resources. The project team hosted a  meeting of the CRMS Advisory Working Group in September 2012, which included reports on progress and discussions about relevant issues in copyright law.

Phase 3 (June 2013 - May 2014)

  • CRMS-World: Determinations continued through this period. With the training materials in place, the project team made various refinements to the system and also created a pilot project for determining the rights status of works in Spanish published in Spain. The project team hosted a second meeting of the CRMS Advisory Working Group in September 2013. In January 2014 they completed a proposal to IMLS for a third grant (approved by IMLS that September).
  • CRMS-US: After five years of steady progress, in January 2014 the CRMS-US team completed the last of 300,000 determinations for works in HathiTrust published in the United States between 1923 and 1963. The US reviewers then transitioned to CRMS-World and continued their work on the project.  

Phase 4 (June 2014 - Nov 2014)

  • CRMS-World: By the close of the second grant period, the CRMS reviewers had completed over 100,000 determinations of Australian, Canadian, and UK works in HathiTrust. The CRMS team shared the project’s latest developments and findings during a third meeting of the CRMS Advisory Working Group in September 2014. Thanks to the continued support of IMLS, the project team could then proceed with transitioning CRMS into its third grant period.
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