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Using Homeopathy in practice

General Use

Primary Care

Allergies/ Common Cold/ Headache

Medical specialities

Disease Treatments





Drugs/ Pharmacology



Mental Health


Other materials




Historical material


Homeopathy vs. Allopathy

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Materials in foreign languages






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Location and Call number

The American journal of homoeopathy

Hatcher Graduate - Serials and Microforms

American observer medical monthly

Bentley Historical

British homoeopathic journal

Electronic serial

Complete list of homoeopathic medical journals published in the United States between the years 1835-1868.

Hatcher Graduate & FILM

Indian journal of homoeopathy

Taubman Health Sciences - Storage

Journal of the American Institute of Homœopathy

Electronic Resources & Taubman Health Sciences Journals

Michigan homoeopathic journal. John Ellis, M.D.; J.I. Hewitt, M.D.; & S.B. Thayer, M.D., editors

Buhr Shelving Facility

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Location and Call number

Whorton, James C.

Nature cures: the history of alternative medicine in America

Taubman Health Sciences R 733 .W4951 2002

University of Michigan

Homoeopathic Medical School (University of Michigan) publications

Bentley Historical 017 Bimu C101 2

University of Michigan

Is there but one school of medicine? The homoeopathic standpoint. Prepared by a committee of the faculty of the Homoeopathic Medical School of the University of Michigan.

Bentley Historical 017 Bimu C101 2

Copeland, Royal S.

Royal Samuel Copeland papers, 1862-1938 (bulk 1892-1938)

Bentley Historical 851041 AC Aa 2

Burton, Clarence Henry

The beginnings of homœopathy in Detroit

Buhr Shelving Facility 610.9 B97 &

FILM Me34(6)

Hering, Constantine

A concise view of the rise and progress of homœopathic medicine

Buhr Shelving Facility 615.53 H55 tM43 &
Taubman Health Sciences
615.53 H55 tM43 & FILM Me94(6 )


Culture, knowledge, and healing : historical perspectives of homeopathic medicine in Europe and North America / edited by Robert Jütte, Guenter B. Risse and John Woodward

Taubman Health Sciences RX 51 .C87 1998

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Location and Call number


Directory & who’s who of homeopathic practitioners

Taubman Health Sciences
610.91 D555


Alternative medicine sourcebook : basic consumer health information about alternatives to conventional medicine

Taubman Health Sciences
R 733 .A4751 2002

Freeman, Lynda W.

Mosby’s complementary & alternative medicine : a research-based approach

Taubman Health Sciences
R 733 .F74 2004

Ullman, Dana

Discovering homeopathy : medicine for the 21st century

Taubman Health Sciences
RX 71 .U461 1991

Crandall, O. H.

Diseases and their cure : fifty years’ experience

Buhr Shelving Facility 616.08 C89 & FILM Me302(2)

Niederkorn, Joseph Stephen

A handy reference book giving briefly the specific indication for remedies, paying particular attention to each organ of the body distinctively

Taubman Health Sciences
616.08 N666h & FILM Me116(4)

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Location and Call number

Dr. Durden

Dr. Durden’s pocketbook and repertory. A popular epitome of the homoeopathic treatment of ordinary ailments, and domestic medical guide

Taubman Health Sciences
615.1 D95 1921 & FILM Me57(6)

Skinner, Sidney

An introduction to homeopathic medicine in primary care

Taubman Health Sciences
RX 72 .S5561 2001

Leckridge, Bob

Homeopathy in primary care

Taubman Health Sciences
RX 71 .L491 1997

Downey, Paul

Homoeopathy for the primary health care team : a guide for GPs, midwives, district nurses, and other health professionals

Taubman Health Sciences
RX 71 .D691 1997

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Location and Call number

Clarke, John Henry

Catarrh, colds and grippe : including prevention and cure, with chapters on nasal polypus, hay fever and influenza

Buhr Shelving Facility 616.2 C6 &

Taubman Health Sciences FILM Me252(5)

Peters, John C

A complete treatise on headaches and diseases of the head

Electronic Resources & Taubman Health Sciencesl FILM Me333(2)

Underwood, B. F.

Headache and its materia medica

Buhr Shelving Facility 616.8 U56 &

FILM Me259(9)

King, John C.

Headaches and their concomitant symptoms

Taubman Health Sciences 616.8 K53 & FILM Me220(4)

Hassman, Howard A.

Alternative treatments for common conditions

Dentistry R 733 .H3751 1999

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Location and Call number

A.C. Becker, M.D.

Consumption treated homoeopathically

Buhr Shelving Facility 616.2 R92 & FILM Me253(8)

Burnett, J. Compton

Gold as a remedy in disease, notably in some forms of organic heart disease, angina pectoris, melancholy, tedium vitae, scrofula, syphilis, skin disease, and as an antidote to the ill effects of mercury

Buhr Shelving Facility 615.2 B96g & FILM Me147(8)

Ruddock, E. H.

The stepping stone to homoeopathy and health with alterations and additions adapting it to the climate, diseases, and customs of Americans

Buhr Shelving Facility 610.2 R91s 1906 & FILM Me348(3,4,5,6) & William L. Clements Cookery 1879 Ru

Richardson, William C.

Cholera infantum : and its sequelæ, convulsions, diarrhœa and dysentery

Hatcher Graduate - Argus - MoA | 618.9 R53 & Taubman Health Sciences FILM Me275(2)

Anshutz, Edward Pollock

New, old, and forgotten remedies. Papers by many writers

Buhr Shelving Facility 615.1 A62 1917 & FILM Me54(5)

Clarke, John Henry

Gunpowder as a war remedy

Buhr Shelving Facility 615.2 C595g & FILM Me147(11)

Billig, Hugo

Croup. A description of croup in children, with instructions for its treatment from its earliest appearance according to homoeopathic principles.

Taubman Health Sciences 615.1 B673 R6 & FILM Me208(3)

Cardiovascular back to topBack to top



Location and Call number


Complementary and alternative cardiovascular medicine / edited by Richard A. Stein and Mehmet C. Oz

Taubman Health Sciences RC 684 .A48 C7371 2004

Blackwood, Alexander Leslie

Diseases of the heart

Buhr Shelving Facility 616.1 B63 & FILM Me251(5 )

Duncan, T. C.

Hand book on the diseases of the heart and their homeopathic treatment

Buhr Shelving Facility 616.1 D9 & FILM Me251(6 )

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Location and Call number

Chepmell, Edward Charles

A domestic homœopathy: restricted to its legitimate sphere of practice: together with rules for diet and regimen

Buhr Shelving Facility 610.2 C52 - In Preservation & FILM Me159(3 )

Allshorn, George Edward

A handy book of domestic homoeopathic practice, or, Hints how to use a few of the principal medicines in the absence of professional advice : and directions as to diet and regimen, with short dissertations on hydropathy and galvanism

Buhr Shelving Facility 610.2 & FILM  Me158(3)

Gatchell, Charles

How to feed the sick; a hand-book of diet in disease

Bentley Historical J 17 .G258 H8 & William L. Clements Cookery 1885 Ga & FILM Me87(7) & Taubman Health Sciences 613.2 G26

Tibbles, William

Dietetics; or, Food in health and disease

Buhr Shelving Facility RM 216 .T55 & FILM Me278(8)

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Location and Call number

Carleton, Edmund

Homoeopathy in medicine and surgery

Taubman Health Sciences 615.53 C28 & FILM Me77(14)

Gilchrist, J. G.

Surgical diseases and their homœopathic therapeutics

Buhr Shelving Facility H617 G47 & FILM Me309(3)

Ruddock, E. H.

The clinical directory, chapter on poisons, etc. : being parts V. and VI. of the "Text book of modern medicine and surgery on homœopathic principles"

Buhr Shelving Facility 616.08 R91& FILM Me250(4)

Smith, Dean Tyler

Before and after surgical operations : a treatise on the preparations for, and the care of the patient after operations, including homoepathic therapeutics.

Taubman Health Sciences 617.9 S64 & FILM Me129(13)


Souvenir of banquet : celebrating the completion of the first series of one thousand laparotomies / H.F. Biggar.

Buhr Shelving Facility 617.5 B59 & FILM Me269(4)

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Location and Call number


Chart illustrating the method of critical analysis of iodium [furnished with the New England Medical Gazette]

Buhr Shelving Facility 615.2 N35 & FILM Me318(6)

Imbert-Gourbeyre, Antoine

Memoir on arnica :addressed to the World’s Homoeopathic Convention at Philadelphia

Buhr Shelving Facility 615.3 I32 & FILM Me318(8)

Cooper, John F.

A proving of the arseniate of soda (hydrodisodic arseniate) by the Homoeopathic Materia Medica Club of Alleghany County, Pa./the prover’s record

Electronic Resources & FILM Me297(3)

Hale, Edwin M.

Ptelea trifoliata

Electronic Resources & FILM Me318(7)

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Location and Call number

Aurand, Samuel Herbert

Botanical materia medica and pharmacology

Taubman Health Sciences
615.3 A93 & FILM Me89(4)

Jouanny, Jacques

The essentials of homeopathic therapeutics

Taubman Health Sciences RX621 .J86 x 1985

Hughes, Richard

A manual of pharmacodynamics

Taubman Health Sciences
FILM Me51(2)

Hirschel, Bernhard

Rules and examples for the study of pharmacodynamics: extracted from Dr. Hirschel’s Grundriss der Homoeopathie

Taubman Health Sciences FILM Me299(12)

Stimson, Julia Catherine

Nurses handbook of drugs and solutions

Buhr Shelving Facility 615.1 S86 1915 & FILM Me146(4)

Children back to topBack to top



Location and Call number

Tooker, Robert N.

The diseases of children and their homeopathic treatment : a text-book for students, colleges, and practitioners

Buhr Shelving Facility 618.9 T67 & FILM Me311(3)

T.C. Duncan

Diseases of infants and children with their homoeopathic treatment

Hatcher Graduate - Argus - MoA  & Taubman Health Sciences FILM

Scott, Julian

Natural medicine for children

Taubman Health Sciences RZ 440 .S26 1990

Guernsey, Henry Newell

The application of the principles and practice of homeopathy to obstetrics, and the disorders peculiar to women and young children

Taubman Health Sciences 618.2 G93

Ullman, Dana

Homeopathic medicine for children and infants

Taubman Health Sciences RX 503 .U551 1992

Grandgeorge, Didier

Homeopathic remedies for the stages of life: infancy, childhood, and beyond

Taubman Health Sciences RX 71 .G76131 2002

Scott, Julian

Natural medicine for children

Taubman Health Sciences RZ 440 .S26 1990

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