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UM MGet It Button is a service provided by the University of Michigan Library (Ann Arbor). If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact Ask a Librarian.

About MGet It

MGet It Troubleshooting

What is MGet It?

MGet It is a tool provided by the University Library that creates shortcuts to the full-text of online articles, as well as links to other Library services. When searching in many of the University Library databases, you will see an MGet It button or link that connects you to the full text of an article.

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What is the MGet It Citation Linker?

If you have a citation in hand from a bibliography or reading list and would like to go directly to the MGet It menu for that citation, try using the MGet It Citation Linker.

MGet It Citation Linker allows you to enter a citation in a form and then see a menu of links to full text without having to perform a database search. In some cases this will take you directly to the full text. In others, you will reach the publisher's web site, where you navigate to the appropriate journal issue. Enter as much information as you have in the appropriate boxes on the online form, and click on the Find It button.

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Who can use MGet It? From where?

MGet It is available to all users and guests on the University of Michigan's Ann Arbor campus, and to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff of UM-Ann Arbor from off-campus. If you are connecting to Library databases from off-campus, you will login with your U-M uniqname and password.

On campus:
If you are using a computer directly connected to the network of the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, you will see MGet It buttons/links in most databases and will be able to use the MGet It menu.

If you authenticate (login) via your UM-Ann Arbor uniqname, you will be able to use MGet It. For more information on off-campus access to Library resources see: Access Outside the Library and On Mobile Devices.

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What do the MGet It options mean?

After you click on an MGet It button/link a new window will open. You may see one or more "Go to Item" buttons. Chose the option that covers the date range for the specific citation of interest to you. 

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Why are there multiple links to full-text?

The University Library may subscribe to an online publication from more than one source or company. The various options are included on the MGet It menu to provide you with a choice. Different sources may provide different formats. For example, some may provide a PDF (reprint) format, others only plain text. Also, if one online version is not working, the other options may provide backup copies.

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What does "MGet It" stand for and how does it work?

MGet It is University Library's name of a citation-to-full-text linking service. (The service is provided through the Umlaut software.) MGet It acts as an intermediary service to create a shortcut link between a "source" (for example, a database) and a "target" (for example, an online journal). This is accomplished by using the OpenURL protocol. The OpenURL transmits specific data about the item, such as the journal identifier, volume, issue and page, thus allowing a link between the source and the target.

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Why don't I always go straight to the article?

MGet It gets you as close as it can to the full-text of the article. Differences in publishers' web sites and databases mean that sometimes MGet It can only get you to a table of contents, a journal homepage with a list of available issues and volumes, or a publisher's web site with a list of journals. At that point, you may need to navigate or perform a search to locate the specific article.

In some cases, the closest MGet It can get you is the search screen of a database that contains the article, and you will have to perform a search to retrieve the article from the database. 

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I don't see MGet It links in my favorite database(s). Why not?

Make sure you have JavaScript enabled in your web browser, and be sure to log into your library account. Some databases do not support MGet It links due to incompatibilities between the database and the MGet It software.

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Why do I get an error message when I click on the full-text link?

Some examples of why an error may occur include:

  • A citation may appear in a database or on a publisher's web site before the full text of the article is actually available (e.g., this may happen with some citations recently added to ArticleFirst and Current Contents)
  • A publisher may have failed to post an issue on their web site
  • An error in the citation, either in the database or at the publisher end (e.g., missing or incorrect page numbers) are somewhat common, especially for recent articles)
  • A problem with the publisher's web site where the online full-text is kept

Contact the Ask a Librarian service for further assistance.

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If an MGet It link to full-text is not working, what can I do right away?

  • If there is more than one full-text option on the MGet It menu, try another one.
  • Try deleting the page number from the box labeled "start page"; you might be able to get to a table of contents for the issue, or to the journal homepage, and then navigate to the article. (This sometimes works if the page number was incorrect in the original database citation.)
  • Contact the Ask a Librarian service for assistance or to report MGet It problems.

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If there's no full-text link, does that mean the article is not available?

Not necessarily.... double-check by searching the UM Library Catalog; you may be able to link to full-text from there. Some databases don't work with MGet It, so direct links to articles are not possible. There may be an error in the citation as listed in a particular database or an error in our MGet It configuration. In some cases a print copy may be available from the University Library.

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The journal I want is asking for a password.

Only a few journals require special, additional passwords for access to full-text of articles. If a special ID and password are required, the MGet It menu link to full-text will take you to a page that displays the needed password. You will need to make note of the password before clicking on the link to the journal (on that same page) or other online resource. If no special password page displays, a password should not be necessary. Please contact the Ask a Librarian service for assistance.

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The MGet It Citation Linker does not seem to be working. What can I do?

The following tips may help solve the problem:

  • For best results, include a journal title, ISSN, DOI or PMID.
  • Some standardized journal abbreviations work, but complete journal name or ISSN is the most effective.
  • Check for typographical errors; spelling and spacing count!
  • The ampersand (&) character does not work; spell out the word "and."
  • Stop at a Library reference desk or contact the Ask a Librarian service for assistance or to report MGet It problems.

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How can I get more help?

Stop at a Library reference desk, or contact the Ask a Librarian service for assistance or to report MGet It problems. And, feel free to view our instructional videos:


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