Gallery Layouts

Library staff will set up the Gallery to suit requesters' event needs. 100 chairs, 15 tables, and 6 portable whiteboards are available for use in the Hatcher Gallery. The following setups are some of the most common options. Custom layouts can also be submitted. For questions about layouts or custom setups, please email

  • An image of chairs arranged in rows in the Hatcher Gallery

    Lecture Layout

    100 chairs can be setup in rows to maximize seated capacity. This layout is best used for film screenings, lectures, presentations, panel discussion, conversations or anything with a large seated audience.

  • An image of eight tables surrounded by chairs with portable whiteboards near the tables.

    Workshop Layout

    15 tables can be combined with up to 55 chairs to create a workshop environment. Also available are 6 portable whiteboards and/or 3 easels with large poster paper.

  • A picture of the gallery showing the stage, wheelchair accessible ramp and lecture seating

    Stage Layouts

    The stage in the Hatcher Gallery includes a lectern, lectern microphone, projector screen, laptop A/V hookup, and wheelchair accessible ramp.  Chairs and tables can be added to the stage to create a forum panel, an intimate conversation, or whatever your event requires.

  • A panel layout on a stage with table, microphones, lectern and projector screen.

    Panel Layout

    A thin table, with 4-6 chairs and 4 wireless microphones can be setup to accomodate a panel discussion. The projector screen can be lowered to show information behind the panel, or raised (concealed) so the audience focus is on the people on the panel.

  • The gallery stage with two chairs, a table and a lectern.

    Conversation Layout

    In lieu of the traditional panel setup, two padded chairs and a small table for beverages, notes, or anything else can be placed on the stage. This layout is designed for more intimate discussions between a featured subject and an interviewer.

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Last modified: 04/18/2019