Graduate Library Stacks Office

The Graduate Library Stacks Office is where returned books are checked in, sorted, and prepared for reshelving. Staff based in the Stacks Office maintain the collections of the Graduate Library and Asia Library.


Our staff can direct you to specific call number locations in the stacks, and assist you if you have difficulty locating books.

If the book you are looking for was not on the shelf, you are welcome to look for it among the items that are being processed in the Stacks Office. You should also check the shelving carts on the stacks floor where the book belongs: books waiting to be shelved are arranged in call number order on carts in the center of the floor. If you still haven’t found it, you can put a search on the book at Information Services in 104 North Lobby Hatcher.

In Library Catalog Search, the status “Being Repaired” refers to books that are in the Stacks Office because they are damaged. You can use these books within the building, but they cannot be checked out.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have questions or comments about the stacks, or would like to report problems with the condition or order of the books on the shelves.

Location: Rm. 204 North, Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library

Phone: 734-764-0413


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Last modified: 08/27/2018