Hatcher Graduate Library Stacks Guide

Materials in the Hatcher Library are arranged by call number across several floors in two adjacent buildings, North Hatcher and South Hatcher. The Hatcher Library floor plans will help you navigate to these locations, or use our printable version, including a cutaway view of the Hatcher building. 

Call Number Location
AC-AM, AP-AZ 1 North (East to West)
AN Serials ServicesBuhr Facility
B-BD 4A North (East)
BF 6 South
BH-BX 4A North (East to West)
C-CT 4 South
D-DB 4 South
DC-DX 5 South
E 5 South
F 5 South
G-GV 6 South
H-HD 7999 Basement A North
HD 8000-HE Basement North (East to West)
HF-HJ Basement North (West)
HM 1A North (Center)
HN-HX 1A North (West)
J-JZ Shapiro Compact Shelving
K-KZ Shapiro Compact Shelving
L-LT 6 South
M-MT 6 South
N-NX 6 South
P-PM, PQ-PZ 4 South
PN 1 North (Center)
Q-QR 1A North (East)
R-RZ 1A North (East)
S-SK 1A North (East)
T-TX 1A North (East)
U-UH 1A North (Center)
V-VM 1A North (Center)
X2.B-X2.T Buhr Facility
X2.V-X3.B 1A North (Center)
Z1-Z 1199 2A North (East)
Z 1200-ZA 2 North (East)
350 6 South
800-899 3 South
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Last modified: 06/14/2018