Victors for Michigan Campaign

Photo of students studying in the reference room in Hatcher Library.The Victors for Michigan campaign launches at an exciting moment here at the library, where we’ve spent the last decade transforming how students, scholars, and researchers go about their work.

We ask you to join our effort to continue this transformation by supporting our pursuit of three key goals:

  • To provide both traditional and cutting-edge resources and services to support and accelerate scholarship.

    Great libraries will always be defined by their ability to further scholarship and discovery, but now that requires both traditional collections and advanced technological facilities. This is a resource-intensive business: our collection will never be complete, and new technologies will continue to emerge.
  • To actively engage in discovery, learning and teaching with our students and faculty members.

    This engagement happens everywhere: in our buildings; in campus offices, labs and clinics; in the library’s various event and exhibit venues; and via our library-based publishing enterprise. We ask you to support both traditional and intellectual infrastructure, and make the library a campus hub of discovery, creativity, and communication.
  • To increase our investment in the talent and expertise of our librarians and curators.

    In today’s complex information landscape, librarians and curators increasingly collaborate in campus-wide learning and teaching activities, as well as in the entire lifecycle of research projects. Your support for endowed library positions elevates the work of the university via the unique expertise of these library leaders.

The library’s success is essential to the university’s future as a place where the entire community is meaningfully engaged in discovery. We thank you for your support.

If you would like a copy of our complete case statement, please contact Yvonne Greenhouse.

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Last modified: 11/10/2015