Frequently Asked Questions/Hatcher Library Gallery in Room 100

Who can use the Gallery?

The University of Michigan community is encouraged to propose programs and events related to the Library's broad mission to support, enhance, and collaborate in the instruction, research and service activities of the University and its community. We welcome collaboration with civic and educational organizations provided such collaborations are consistent with the Library's mission and University policies.

We particularly welcome faculty who wish to use the space for public programs and educational or scholarly events or discussions. Please contact

Please fill out our online form to initiate an event or exhibit reservation request.


Who can propose events for the Gallery?  Is it just for the University?

University departments, student organizations, and organizations from the community are welcome to propose events for the Gallery. Events should be broadly related to the Library’s mission and ideally reflect a collaboration with the Library in some way. The Gallery is a high-demand venue for faculty and student groups which host events and activities to support learning and research, events which are core to the University of Michigan Library's mission. If your event does not fall under this category of use, you may want to consider other U-M venues on campus as an alternative venue.


Is there a charge?

Currently, there is no rental charge to use the Gallery in Room 100. However, we are not a rental facility – we view the Gallery as a public good to be used in fostering our learning community. 


What are my responsibilities as an event organizer?

Library Gallery events should be inclusive and accessible. The event organizer will communicate directly with Library staff, review the Ten Tips for Inclusive Meetings document, and respond to inquiries from the public, including requests for reasonable accommodations and requests for specific information. Library staff are available to advise event organizers on how to make their events accessible and provide reasonable accommodations.


Can food be served at events in the Gallery?

Food may be served in the Gallery with some limits. There is no cooking in the Library or in the Loading Dock. Caterers may not fry foods in the Loading Dock. Sterno may be used in chafing dishes, but must be carefully attended to minimize any risk of fire. Candles are not permitted.  Arrangements must be made in advance to coordinate food service through a U-M preferred vendor. You are responsible for all clean up and removal of leftover food and supplies at the end of your event. 


Can alcohol be served at events in the Gallery?

The Library follows all University of Michigan policies regarding the serving of alcohol. Because the library is open to the public, and students are always in the building during open hours, we do not permit serving alcohol in the Gallery.


What does the Gallery provide in terms of equipment, facilities, seating, etc.?

The Library owns furniture and AV equipment that may be used for events provided it is not otherwise in use. Plan ahead to ensure our AV staff is able to accommodate your event; depending on the complexity of your needs, you may need to rent AV equipment, additional microphones, and other such equipment at your expense. We are generally able to provide the resources described below with sufficient advanced planning in light of our own limited staff resources. You will need to arrange any other materials or services at your expense unless otherwise arranged; vendors or deliveries must be coordinated with

Furniture Available

  • Lectern with a fixed microphone (We request that the Library logo on the lectern be visible for all events)
  • Audience seating for up to 120 attendees
  • Six-foot rectangular folding tables 
  • Eight-foot rectangular table for panel (seats 6)
  • Six mobile whiteboards (6)
  • Coat racks (3)

Our facilities staff will set up the room for your event. Please let us know your setup requirements as soon as possible. You may schedule an appointment to view the Gallery and discuss options. Please contact

Audio/Visual Resources

The Gallery has two levels of A/V resources, depending on your event's needs. Depending on the complexity of your needs, you may need to rent A/V equipment, additional microphones, and other such equipment at your expense. Please let us know your A/V requirements as soon as possible. Vendors or deliveries must be coordinated with

Basic Self-Service

A self-service, classroom style A/V system for basic needs which includes (1) lectern microphone, computer projector, a VGA laptop computer video hookup, and a basic Windows laptop PC computer.  This is similar to the setup used in many classrooms. The lectern can be used with either your own personal laptop, or the basic PC laptop provided with only web browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge) and PowerPoint. Gallery staff can train you on the use of the Basic A/V system but will not plan to be in attendance for the full duration of your event.

Advanced Audio

Includes the above, and, (4) lapel microphones for mobile presenter(s), and (4) handheld microphone(s), typically for audience questions and/or host/master-of-ceremony. A member of the Gallery team staff will help to set the audio levels and set up projection needs if they are beyond the self-service model.


The Library no longer hosts new video content that is a recording without captions. For those who wish to record events in the Gallery, we now require that you arrange and cover expenses for captioning services if the recording will be posted in a publicly accessible webspace. The Gallery team can record events and email the directly to requestors to caption and host online.

Exhibit Supplies

The Gallery can be used for exhibits in addition to events. Please see our Hatcher Gallery Exhibit Information for Users document for a complete list of exhibit resources. Exhibit coordinators are responsible for their own design, printing, installation, and tear down of exhibit materials in consultation with our Gallery team members.


Where can I park, and is the Gallery accessible?

Street parking is available. Nearby parking structures are located on:

  • South Forest near South University
  • Maynard near Liberty

Detailed location and parking information is available on the Graduate Library's Location Information page.

To enter the North Lobby (off the Diag), ramps are available on either side of the main staircase. The Gallery is just off of the North Lobby, and is accessed via a short ramp. See detailed map for accessible route

From the South Lobby, take the elevator up to the Second Floor, turn right, walk just past the Reference Desk, turn left to locate the elevators, take an elevator down to the First Floor, and the Library Gallery is visible off of the North Lobby. The Gallery is accessed via a short ramp.


Who do I contact about scheduling the Gallery?

Please contact with inquiries, to discuss ideas, to propose an exhibit or event, or to schedule an event in the Gallery.

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