Theodore Shchroeder

Schroeder was a a prolific and controversial author, who wrote mainly of issues pertaining to freedom of expression. His writings became the subject of a lawsuit following his death. In his will, Schroeder left his estate to two friends, with the instruction that the money from the estate be used to gather his voluminous writings and publish them. Two of Schroeder's cousins, with whom he had no contact, contested the will, and successfully voided it. In upholding a lower court's decision, Judge O'Sullivan of the Supreme Court of Errors the State of Connecticut explained, "The law will not declare a trust valid when the object of the trust, as the finding discloses, is to distribute articles which reek of the sewer."

A New Concept Of Liberty: From An Evolutionary Psychologist: Theodore Schroeder. Selections from his writings, with a biographical outline, by Joseph Ishill. Berkeley Heights, N.J.: Oriole Press, 1940. Copy no. 5.

Garamond type; 150 copies on Archer paper, in linen boards, 50 on W & A All Rag paper, in designed cloth boards with buckram spine; 6 x 8.75 inches; lxxx, 154 p. [Printed for the author.]

Inscription: "To Labadie Collection in Library of Univ. of Mich. with compliments of Theodore Schroeder"

As Ishill notes in his bibliography at the end of this book, "It is understood that most of Theodore Schroeder's writings are highly controversial. He is always laying bricks to build a new intellectual structure. It is not his primary object to just tell an interesting story, or to be merely an entertainer. He illustrates and justifies a new attitude of his mind, which he calls the psycho-evolutionary approach to social problems. By such means the author hopes to induce more exact thinking, or new convictions about social problems."

Conservatisms, Liberalisms, And Radicalisms & The New Psychology, by Theodore Schroeder. Cos Cobb, Conn.: Next Century Press, 1942.

Cromwell type; 200 copies on book paper; wrappers; 5.5 x 8 inches; 20 p.

One of the few publications which the Oriole Press published for another press. Printed for the Next Century Press, which was conducted by Schroeder, it is printed as a part of a series from the Next Century Press, this being number three. The essay was originally published, in a slightly different form, in Psychoanalytic Review, and Schroeder hoped that the series of pamphlets might some day be published in a book form, under the title Toward Social Psychology.

Theodore Schroeder: An Evolutionary Psychologist, by Joseph Ishill. Berkeley Heights, N.J.: Oriole Press, 1964.

Garamond type; printed in black and blue; 100 copies; wrappers; 5.625 x 8.5 inches; 27 p.

This is an excerpt from A New Concept of Liberty, and includes unpublished letters by Harold E. Ickes, Forest Frazier and Dr. Ben L. Reitman.

An Evolutionary Psychologist - Theodore Schroeder's Thumbnail Essays, culled by Joseph Ishill. Berkeley Heights, N.J.: Oriole Press, 1965.

Jenson (ATF) type with Calligraphic initials; printed in black and numerous colors; 50 copies on Tweedweave paper; bound in folder; 5 x 8.5 inches; 50 p.

This piece is unusual in that it is one of the few that Ishill published in this top- bound format. He seems to have experimented with different formats later in his life.

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