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Values Statement

Quality public service is our purpose and our goal. High quality public service depends on knowledgeable leaders and staff who team together to work efficiently. Timely and effective communication are the cornerstones of successful collaborations and proficient work processes. We believe in the importance of maintaining credibility in all aspects of our service and of protecting a patron's privacy. Quality public service is founded on the following elements:

We are all leaders. An effective leader guides with integrity, responsibility, and competence. A respected leader trusts, while inspiring trust. A capable leader strives to provide engaging work and appropriate resources. An involved leader manages with consistency and flexibility.

Staff work in a spirit of cooperation that is made possible by a team ethic of respect, responsibility, and accountability and work with consistency of purpose toward common goals. Though we take our role as service providers seriously, we feel that it is important not to take ourselves too seriously.

Patrons are treated with integrity, honesty, respect, and flexibility.Library staff strive for effective interactions with patrons by providing expertise in a patient, ethical, and professional manner.

Effective work processes take place within a team environment and with appropriate training and resources. Work processes aim toward high standards of quality and efficiency. They allow for creativity, problem solving, and flexibility and emphasize cooperation and shared responsibility.

The ideal workplace provides an environment that is safe, secure, and trusting.It is a place where employees are not only recognized and rewarded for the merits of their work but also are encouraged to push beyond expectations. Workplace policies should be both stable and flexible.

[drafted Feburary 9, 2001]
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