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Classroom Profile

William K. Frankena
The Michigan Alumnus 197

'3'J, Professor of Philosophy, has been 
Chairman of the Department of Phi
losophy since 1947, and has been a 
member of the faculty since joining 
the staff as an Instructor in 1937.

During the academic year, 1948-49,
 he held a Guggenheim fellowship at
 Harvard University and at Oxford in 
England. It was granted for the prepa
ration of a work on the history of
 ethical thought and moral philosophy 
in Great Britain and the United States. 
 This was Professor Frankena's second 
trip abroad; and he was accompanied 
by his wife, the former Sadie G. 
 Roelofs, an alumna of Calvin College, 
 and by his two sons, Karl and Mark. 

Earlier, back in 1935-36, he and Mrs.
 Frankena were in Europe while he
 studied at Cambridge University and 
at the University of Freiburg in Germany. They also did a good deal
 of traveling at that time.

Frankena was born June 21, 1908,
 at Manhattan, Montana, but moved
 with his family to Michigan as a
 youngster. He earned his A.B. degree 
at Calvin College, and after completing
 work on his Master's at Michigan, he 
went on to Harvard, where he earned
 the Ph.D. degree.

The author of a 
number of articles on ethics, Professor 
Frankena is a member of the Inter
national Phenomenological Society, the
 American Philosophical Association,
 the Michigan Academy of Arts and
 Sciences, Phi Beta Kappa, and Phi 
Kappa Phi. He is currently serving
 as a member of the Executive Com
mittee of the College of Literature,
 Science and the Arts, and has been
 Chairman of the Board of Governors
 of Lane Hall, in addition to Chairman
 of the Committee on Religion in the
 College of Literature, Science and the