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To Retire

Warrens Plimpton Lombard
The Michigan Alumnus 414


Among the actions of the Regents
 as given elsewhere in this issue ap
pears the acceptance of the resignation of 
Dr. Warren P. Lombard, a well-loved
 member of the Medical Faculty for 
twenty years.

He has had a dis
tinguished career as a physiologist and
 under the terms of his resignation is to
 retain a laboratory in the Medical School, where he can carry on his research work. 

Dr. Lombard, who is a graduate of Har
vard, with the class of '78, M. D. '81, 
 has been Professor of Physiology since

He came to Michigan from Clark 
University. He has spent many years
 in European study, and was President of 
the American Physiological Society in
 1919. In accepting his resignation the
 Regents passed a resolution asking for
 the normal retiring allowance from the
 Carnegie Foundation to be effective next