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Takeshi Takahara
Regent's Proceedings 216

Takeshi Takahara, M.F.A., Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and professor of art
in the School of Art & Design, retired from active faculty status on
December 31, 2006.

Professor Takahara received his B.A. degree from Hosei University, Japan,
in 1965, and his M.A. and M.F.A. degrees from the University of Iowa in
1970 and 1971, respectively. From 1971-83, he served as a faculty member
at Grand Valley State University. He joined the University of Michigan
faculty in 1983 as associate professor of art and was promoted to professor
of art in 1989.

Regarded as one of the finest contemporary artist-printmakers of his
generation, Professor Takahara infuses his creative practice with rich and
diverse cultural experiences. His work has been exhibited throughout the
United States and beyond, and he is a frequent conference speaker and jurist.
Professor Takahara has held artist residencies at the University of Nebraska-
Lincoln, the Tajimi Ceramics Design and Research Center and Kyoto Seika
University in Japan, and the Slade School of the Art, London, England.
Professor Takahara is an accomplished and collaborative educator who has
made numerous contributions to arts education at the University. He was
instrumental in developing and nurturing the School of Art & Design's first
international student exchange agreement, with Kyoto Seika University in
Japan. In 2005, he was named an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in recognition
of his dedication to undergraduate education.

The Regents now salute this distinguished artist and educator for his
dedicated service by naming Takeshi Takahara Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
emeritus and professor emeritus of art.