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Sidney Bancroff Mitchell
The Michigan Alumnus 171-175

Sidney Bancroff Mitchell, Profes
sor of Library Science will be 
associated with Professor Bishop, better identified 
as William W. Bishop, University Librarian, in instructing students who wish to 
enter the practice of librarian.

Professor Mitchell's topics (re
ferring to the Bulletin) will 
be "Book Selection and Order
ing for Libraries," "General Introduction to 
Library Work," "National and Regional Bibli
ography," and "University Library Administration."

Mitchell was Associate Librarian of the
 University of California and Chairman of the 
Library of Science of that institution for more than 
fifteen years.

He received his Bachelor of Arts
 from McGill University in Montreal in 1901 and his 
Masters three years later; during these three years 
he worked under Charles H. Gould, the distin
guished Librarian of that university.

From McGill, 
 Professor Mitchell went to the New York State 
Library School but soon returned to McGill, where 
he remained until 1907. Leland Stanford Univer
sity called him to California, but in 1911 he moved 
to the University of California.