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Roy Wood Sellars
Regents' Proceedings 980

Roy Wood Sellars, Professor of Philosophy, whose retirement dates from his seventieth birthday, July 9, 1950, belongs to the long line of distinguished University of Michigan philosophers which, beginning with Tappan and Morris, was continued by Dewey, Lloyd, Wenley, and Parker down to our own day. Among this noteworthy group Professor Sellars has taken an honored place, attained through his faculty of profound thought and made permanent by the recognition accorded to his writings. A graduate of this University in 1903 and a recipient of its doctorate in 1908, Professor Sellars joined our faculty in 1905 as Instructor in Philosophy and since 1923 has occupied a full professorship in that subject. In all his forty-five years of service his contribution as a teacher and scholar to the reputation enjoyed by his department has constantly been of a high order of excellence. In 1923 he was honored by election to the presidency of the American Philosophical Association, and year by year his many contributions to philosophical journals have brought his name and his ideas to the attention of his colleagues throughout this and other countries. The Regents of the University of Michigan hereby express to Professor Sellars their deep appreciation of his long and valuable services and confer upon him the title of Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, inviting him to avail himself of all the courtesies customarily extended to emeritus members of the faculty.