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Raleigh Schorling
Regent's Proceedings 828

The Regents of the University of Michigan join with his colleagues
and many friends in mourning the death of Dr. Raleigh Schorling, an
alumnus of the University in the class of 1911, Professor of Education,
Director of Instruction and Head of the Department of Mathematics in the
University High School, and Supervisor of Directed Teaching.

Since his first association with the faculty of this University, twentyseven
years ago, Professor Schorling's activities have contributed notably to
the effectiveness and prestige of our School of Education. Nationally
recognized as a leading trainer of teachers and as an authority on the
teaching of mathematics in the secondary schools, he was alive to the
general problems and needs of our school systems and his judgments,
expressed in his frequent contributions to educational journals, were heeded
by the members of his profession and by laymen alike.

He was the author of widely used textbooks and was a consultant of
the armed forces upon problems of instruction during the Second World
War; of the Consumer Education Study, and of the Michigan Department of
Public Instruction. Upon our own campus his courses of instruction were
conducted with remarkable skill and his administrative duties were ably

Above all, Professor Schorling's broad human sympathy and his
instinctive friendliness and helpfulness made them felt in all his personal and
official relations with his students and fellow faculty members. His
personality, his service, and his influence will not soon be forgotten. To his
surviving family the Regents of the University of Michigan extend their
heartfelt sympathy for the loss, which they have sustained.