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Marshall Lyman Byrn
Regent's Proceedings 248

The President reported the death of Marshall L. Byrn, Assistant
Professor of Vocational Education and Head of the Department of Industrial
Arts in the University High School, which occurred on November 23, 1951.

The following memoir was adopted for inclusion in these minutes:

By the death of Marshall Lyman Byrn, on November 23, 1951, the
Regents of the University of Michigan recognize that the University has lost
from its faculty a teacher highly respected by his students and colleagues,
whose devotion to this University and to his duties as a member of its staff
was unsurpassed in its sincerity and constancy.

A graduate of the Indiana State Normal College and the Michigan
State Normal College, holder of a master's degree from this University,
Professor Byrn had taught at the Crookston, Minnesota, High School and
Cass Technical High School, Detroit, prior to joining the staff of the
University High School in 1924, the year in which it was first opened.
His services since that time, both to the High School, in which he was
Head of the Department of Industrial Arts, and to the School of Education,
in which he was Assistant Professor of Vocational Education, have been of
unusual value.

Evidence of the esteem in which the members of his profession held
him is to be found in his selection, in 1931-32, as President of the Michigan
Industrial Education Society and for that Society's Master Teacher Award in
1949. Admired for his friendliness, his high standards of performance, and
his fine character, Professor Byrn is one whose place among us can hardly
be taken by another, and whose passing is mourned by many.
To his friends and surviving family the Regents of the University of
Michigan extend their deepest sympathy.