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Classroom Profile

John William Bean
The Michigan Alumnus 112

The study of respiration and circu
lation control and the effects of oxygen 
at high pressure and oxygen poisoning,
 concern Dr. John W. Bean, '24, M.S. 
'25, Ph.D. '30, '37m, Professor of 
Physiology in the Medical School.

Born at Attercliffe, Ontario, he re
ceived his early education at Stratford
 Collegiate in Ontario, and attended 
Northwestern University before enter
ing Michigan. While on Campus, he
 studied for a year in the School of Music, and he became a member of

 the Glee Club. Dr. Bean has been 
associated with the University contin
ually since his graduation, and was
 named Instructor in Physiology in
 1929. He was advanced to Assistant
 Professor in 1931, and Associate Pro
fessor in 1942, his most recent pro
motion to Professor being two years 

In 1941, Dr. Bean was granted
 a sabbatical leave, during which time 
he visited medical centers in South
 America and studied hypertension un
der Professor Houssay at Buenos Aires 
University. He is a member of Sigma
 Xi, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Kappa 
Kappa medical fraternity, the American Association for the Advancement
 of Science, American Physiological So
ciety, the Society for Experimental
 Biology and Medicine and other organizations.

In addition, Dr. Bean is 
President of the Ann Arbor Figure
 Skating Club. His researches have 
dealt principally with the effect of high
 pressures of oxygen on various func
tions, as the transportation of carbon-
dioxide in the blood, the blood lactic 
acid and certain phases of the phys
iology of striated and cardiac muscula
ture. He has contributed articles to
 various technical publications.