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Called a Magician

John H. Muyskens
The Michigan Alumnus 129

Called a Magician By Those He
 Has Helped

JOHN MUYSKENS was swinging an axe in Washington forests when 
father was paying all the bills for more favored sons. But he swung
 to some purpose and saved the money to finance his education. He was 
twenty-six when he earned his Bachelor's degree. Since then he has added
 an M.S. and Sc.D. Michigan granted all three and found him a capable 
French Instructor during the period when the Doctorate was his goal.

He taught other languages and other courses, and he dipped into physi
ology, into psychology, into music, into mathematics to learn more about 
phonetics. Now his title is Associate Professor of Phonetics in the Uni
versity, but there are some who declare he is a Magician.

A patient, hard-
working scientist of a Magician, to be sure, but one who performed the 
miracle of turning them from timid, faltering, stammering creatures into
 confident, articulate men and women. There are scientific ways to ex
plain it, but, just in a sentence, Professor Muyskens believes "a man can't 
get a speech defect from an inferiority complex but he can develop an 
inferiority complex from a speech defect."