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James L. High
Regent's Proceedings 296

On October 3, James L. High, who has been a lecturer on special topics on
law for several years in our Law Department, died after a brief illness at his
home in Chicago.

Mr. High was a graduate of our law' School. He had not only won a high
reputation at the Illinois Bar, but was well known both here and abroad
through his treatises on Injunctions and on Receivers and on Extraordinary
Legal Remedies.

He was a man of refined and scholarly culture, and he inspired his pupils
with the highest ideals of professional life. I think that never in so brief a
period has the University before been called to suffer so heavy an affliction
as the loss of these three eminent teachers has brought to it in the past few

I am painfully reminded of the rapidity of changes in our Faculties, as I
reflect that since the death of Professor Thomas Cooley and Professor
Edward L. Walter, of the more than two hundred teachers on our rolls only
four were members of our Faculties when I assumed the duties of the
Presidency in 1871.